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About Us

Human resources, hardly anyone would disagree, are the most precious assets of any
organization-be it a small roadside grocery or a multi-million corporation. For that reason
success of any organization is definitely on the efficiency and commitment of its employees.
Choosing a most suitable person for any given job,therefore,become a single most concern

and responsibility of the Owners, Directors and Managers of the organizations.
This tremendous pressure of sourcing and recruiting the person for the job is largely reduced

if not eliminated by, first of all choosing a right recruitment agent to do this job for
you-professionally and efficiently as you would expect. That’s where we come in.

We Glow Tours and Trade Pvt Ltd-is a Local and Overseas employment agency, duly
licensed by the Maldives, Ministry of Human Resource, Youth and Sports. We provide
you the kind of a Professional Personal Recruitment Service you wouldn’t want to miss.
Having the first hand experience and knowledge of the business environment of the region

and its demand, we clearly understand the exact requirements of our clients and
hence are in the best position to effectively gratify their needs.

We not only engage in recruiting manpower, but we offer all services related to the field of
recruitment. Therefore, our clients are not only to whom we provide foreign employees
but also we engage with clients who need our service in handling the passports of their
employees and related work.

At Glow Tours and Trade Pvt Ltd, the client’s satisfaction comes first simply because
we firmly believe in strong long term business bonds than short term gain. Our highly efficient
and dedicated teams of staff are constantly prepared to fullfill virtually all your man power requirements.