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We had somebody who had a photograph of a soldier

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“It’s being used by researchers who need to find where an image came from to provide attribution, even people who are trying to find out who people are in old photos. We had somebody who had a photograph of a soldier who’d arrived on wholesale nfl jerseys the beach at Normandy and they couldn’t find their name. They did a whole bunch of searches on TinEye and found a tiny little photo on an American website that listed everybody who’d gone to Normandy with a photograph.

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In the fridge, there were moldy packaged noodles, moldy lemongrass, and milk that was nine days expired all that had to be thrown out. Vu told 13 Investigates she would never serve moldy food to customers and that she didn’t check on that stuff because it was for employees, adding that it was just overlooked. And working on her own after having to let a lazy employee go.

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